Thursday, August 6, 2009

cake & ice cream {updated}...

chocolate cake
vanilla bean ice cream; melted
fresh raspberries

Let ice cream soften to liquid state. Pour a small (or large!) amount of ice cream on the bottom of dish. Top with a slice of cake and sprinkle with fresh red raspberries.

Cake & ice you've never had it before. This is a dessert idea from the amazing Barefoot Contessa. Ina, I love you.
I will admit I was a little skeptical of this dessert at first. Shame on me. The cake just soaks up the ice cream and that combined with the tartness of the berries is just delicious. Take away the paper plates and this would make quite an elegant after dinner offering.


McElprangs said...

I saw that barefoot episode and have been anxious to give this a try. It's so quick and simple if you use a good cake from a bakery:)

Jennie said...

well, excuse me for serving in paper bowls. you could have asked for a nice bowl, i do own them. I could have used my grandma's china! geez, just ask