Saturday, April 30, 2016

crispy chicken salad...

With warmer days around the corner (fingers crossed!!) salads become a great dinner option. The crispy chicken can easily be substituted with grilled chicken and the results are equally as good. I have three teenage boys though so in order to get them to eat salad for dinner I have to include their favorite popcorn chicken. Whatever, I'll do it and honestly... I love it! 
The dressing I use is the homemade buttermilk ranch on the blog. I just thin it with a little extra buttermilk and it's perfect!
I like to serve this salad bar style with all of our favorite items. And (cough, gasp,...) I buy frozen popcorn chicken and cook it in the oven so it gets extra crispy, then just chop it into smaller pieces.

Frozen popcorn chicken (cooked according to pkg directions); chopped 
Romaine or green leaf lettuce; rinsed & chopped 
English cucumber; diced
Shredded carrots 
Red onion; diced
Tomatoes; chopped 
Grated cheddar cheese 
Black olives; cut in half 
Hard boiled eggs; chopped 

Homemade buttermilk ranch dressing 

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