Sunday, November 2, 2008

menu planning & list making...

OK, I said the next Thanksgiving post would be about stuffing...but I got a little ahead of myself. First things first:
*plan your menu*
Sit down with pen and paper (or keyboard & screen!) and write/type out your menu. Really, this is so helpful.
1. Turkey-
Plan on about 1 lb per person (that leaves plenty for seconds and leftovers) You may even want to consider roasting 1 large turkey and a turkey breast, depending on the number of people you are feeding.
2. Sides-
Just figure out what you like (and what you like to cook). Include at least one's nice to serve something light and fresh with all of the starch & protein
3. Rolls/bread-
Are you going to make them or buy them? Do you need to order them from your favorite bakery? (if so, do it soon!)
4. Dessert-
Same goes here. Making or buying? Either way, it's good to start thinking about it now.
5. Appetizers & beverages-
If you so choose...

Make a rough draft menu and then decide what things (if any) can be assigned out. If someone offers to contribute, take them up on it.
Next, start making a grocery list of the things you need to purchase. Most things on your list will be on sale in the coming weeks, and non-perishable items can be purchased and tucked away now. Even if you haven't committed to your menu, there are some items that you may need regardless.

Happy meal planning!!!


diane said...

I hope my scheme works and we can come for Thanksgiving.

Pineapple Hill said...

Can you organize the rest of my life too....please.

alison said...

I'll refer back to this in 15 years when I might cook Thanksgiving for my family. Until then it's eating out or eating at mom's!