Sunday, May 3, 2015

the BEST sandwich...

If you are, by chance, in need of a lunch idea this week...well, look no further. This combination of hearty bread, cream cheese and veggies is perfection. You could add turkey or ham to make it even more filling. Have you tried "Dave's Killer Bread?" This is the Good Seed variety. The story behind this bread is so worth the read (

This is how I doctored up the sandwich, but by all means, cater it to your own liking!

2 slices Dave's Killer Good Seed bread (or any hearty, seeded bread)
Cream cheese 
Salt & pepper (very important!!!)
Sliced English cucumber 
Sliced green onions 
Shredded carrots 
Spinach leaves 
Yellow banana peppers 

1 comment:

Carin Davis said...

I love Dave's bread...but this sandwich will take it over the top! I'm going to try this tomorrow!