Tuesday, February 12, 2008

roast chicken...

*herb roasted chicken*

1 5lb (approx) whole chicken fryer
1 onion
fresh herbs (whatever you like)
2 Tbsp butter or olive oil
salt & pepper

Rinse chicken thoroughly with water. Pat dry with paper towels. Season inside with salt & pepper. Stuff with onion and herbs. Rub chicken with butter or olive oil (all over...for even browning) and season with salt & pepper. Tuck wings under chicken body. Place in lightly greased roasting pan and roast at 425 degrees for 60-90 min. (depending on size of chicken) Chicken should be cooked to 180 degrees on thermometer (test around wing & thigh), you can also tell it's done if the juices run clear with no pink color, and the leg moves back and forth easily. Remove from pan and let rest about 15-20 min (all of the juice runs out if you don't do this...aka...dry chicken).

This is such a hit at my house. My boys eat this like ravenous carnivores! I got the idea for this a few years ago from Barefoot Contessa (my idol), but I've tweaked it according to our tastes. This is sooooo very good when stuffed with lemon and thyme or garlic & onions & herbs, etc. I used rosemary this time, but seriously I add different combinations each time I cook it. I always thought roasting a whole chicken would be quite the undertaking, but it really is fast & easy. I know, I know, you can buy great rotisserie chickens, but give this a try...you'll be so proud of yourself!


Jennie said...

it's gorgeous!

diane said...

It puts Costco to shame!

meegan said...

I will be checking both your blogs regularly now... I WISH I HAD YOUR SKILLS IN THE KITCHEN!!!

Barbara said...

That's it I'll be coming for dinner.....hey I might as well stay for a visit...